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IEA: Global Energy Technology Revolution Needed

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Today the International Energy Association released a free powerpoint style summary of the report “Energy Technology Perspectives 2008.” In their “Blue Scenario,” energy related carbon emissions are cut in half by 2050 (relative to the baseline year of 2005).

How do we get from here to there, or in their words, to this “significantly adjusted energy system”? That’s the 14Gt question. (Billions of tons of CO2 emitted in 2050, versus roughly 27Gt in 2005).

The short answer is, every way possible.

Related to the role of information technology in enabling the Blue scenario, interesting graph below showing that the only negative marginal cost activity in the various proposed actions is end-use efficiency. Enter greening computers (lower powers servers) and computerizing green (revolutionary changes in monitoring, storing, and presenting energy use data to end users to change habits).


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