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IT, Resource Productivity, Environmental Preservation, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Cisco Report on IT’s Role in Green Business

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According to The Sustainable Business Practice Study put out earlier this year by Cisco:

IT will play a clear role in the implementation of sustainable business practice policy; the new working practices enabled through data centre consolidation (such as true mobile working), the rollout of high-definition video conferencing services and Web 2.0 information-sharing tools is desired by workers and IT leaders alike.

Many of these technologies simply weren’t viable a few years ago – the infrastructure and tools weren’t up to scratch. Today, some of the experiences enabled by modern technology are what was considered science fiction only a few years ago.

All true, but it’s early yet. Who will develop these solutions? How will organizations get on board? How will investments be justified? Is this more about cost savings, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, branding…?


Author: nigelpm

Associate Professor of Information Systems, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan - Helping organizations to navigate digital transformation.

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