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Social Media Supports Sustainability @ Intel


In addition to annual corporate sustainability reports (as well as annual local reports), here’s how Intel harnesses social media to support its CSR efforts:

Bottom line, social media is reshaping communications about enviromental and social responsibility at Intel:

But social media is changing the way we think about reporting and CSR communications – it has the potential to extend our message to new audiences, complement our annual report with regular updates, and provide one more channel for stakeholders to communicate directly with us about where they think we are getting it right, and where we still need to improve. By proactively engaging in social media – we can gather more insight into the conversations that are happing in the blogosphere about our company – understand new concerns and trends, to help us better respond to new challenges as they arise. But building a culture that embraces social media takes time and investment – a good summary of the steps that Intel has taken over the last few years to provide support and encouragement for Intel employees to actively engage in social media can be found here [more]

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Author: nigelpm

Associate Professor of Information Systems, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. Research/teach/consult - how IT transforms value generation in firms, focusing on corporate sustainability performance (energy reduction and carbon emission management).

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