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How did Social Media Develop for CSR at Intel?

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A brief history based on comments by Suzanne Fallender, Manager Corporate Responsibility at Intel Corp at the Empire Club of Canada’s lunch ‘n learn experience.

Dating back to 2003, Intel began a grass roots employee blogging initiative which took off and eventually culminated in the creation of a Social Media Centre for Excellence in 2008. When asked by Boyd whether she foresees a day in the future when blogs would serve as the primary source for corporate social responsibility reporting (CSR), Suzanne remarked “not anytime soon!” The rationale behind her answer is based on her belief that social media is more of a complimentary tool to CSR reporting as opposed to a replacement. Although Suzanne believes that social media will become more involved in CSR reporting going forward, traditional documentation such as the 10K and 10Q are here to stay.

It was clear from Suzanne’s remarks that Intel has a strong commitment to continuous learning in the social media space. With the creation of the Social Media Centre for Excellence, any Intel employee looking to become more involved with Social Media has a wealth of resources at his/her disposal. From training courses on digital intellectual property to educating employees on the legal issues that come along with using social media tools, Intel has ensured that its employee’s conduct is becoming and in-line with good corporate responsibility. Furthermore, Suzanne stated that Intel had clear goals in mind when they chose to implement an internal social media initiative. These goals included increasing engagement among employees, promoting the sharing of information and developing an adaptive framework for listening and addressing problems that may reside outside the reach of more formal communication networks. “You just can’t push” she added, “you must look for conversations that already exist” and join those conversations to derive real value from social media. [more].


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