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credit360 CMS System: System Pricing and Pricing Model

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Credit credit360 for its transparency in its pricing model and system pricing. The model is a “core” system with base-level functionality with a price floor, and add-on modules (presumably with extra cost).

The credit360 system package starts from £20,000 [about $40,000 U.S.] in the first year of use giving you all the core system features. As the system is extremely configurable and additional modules can be added our approach is to discuss your requirements in more detail before suggesting the recommended solution. [more]

Customers include Barclays, ChevronSky, and McDonald’s Europe (my bold). :

McDonald’s Europe tracks an array of complex indicators as part of its Corporate Responsibility (CR) reporting, which extend from the restaurants all the way into the supply chain.They published their firstpublic European CR report in 2005 using manually collected data. Given that McDonald’s Europe’s business encompasses 40 markets and multiple languages, they realised that manual data collection was not a practical option for consistent long-term data collection. As a result,McDonald’s Europe put out a Request for Proposal to find a better way.

….credit360 took their existing CR data and created indicators for their critical four CR areas – People, Environment, Quality Supply Chain, and Balanced Lifestyles. In addition to integrating data from diverse sources in a variety of formats, credit360 determined that McDonald’s Europe needed to leverage the data collection for each market for local communication and internal management tracking and comparison. To accomplish this, credit360:
• Designed a system that was brand compliant with the look and feel of McDonald’s. This made participants feel immediately at home with the system, and meant that no special training was required for users to enter their data.
• Developed a system that combined indicators, automatically producing graphs and tables that are easily accessible to CR managers across Europe and which allow for year on year comparison.

• assembles data that can be tracked, verified and audited
• automatic collation ensures access to accurate, real-time data at any business level
• flexible system thatallows for the adoption and inclusion of future measures

Multiple languages is a nice feature, as is customization. Difficult to see how no training is required. Which indicators are tailored to which stakeholders?


Author: nigelpm

Associate Professor of Information Systems, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan - Helping organizations to navigate digital transformation.

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