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Validity of Reported C02e Emissions Questioned

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Are disclosed carbon emissions data valid? How do we know? What does it mean to be valid? According to Computer Business Review:

The way FTSE 350 companies report their carbon and sustainability data lacks credibility, according to a government and industry backed study.

Greater standardisation and transparency are needed, argued the report carried out by Smart Sustainability, as all too often companies do not report or verify their carbon data emissions.

Even though investor groups demand a way to accurately compare sustainability reports, only 75 companies in the FTSE 350 published some kind of assurance for sustainability. Only 62 of these were carried out independently using a recognised assurance standard. Many others simply could not verify the emissions they reported. [more]

And from the authors of the report:

[The study] identifies a need for harmonisation and transparency in assurance and questions why some companies, especially in high impact industries, do not externally verify their carbon data. With responsible investment expected to grow to $26.5 trillion in the next 5 years, credible sustainability reporting has never been more important.


Author: nigelpm

Associate Professor of Information Systems, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan - Helping organizations to navigate digital transformation.

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