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CMS Implementation at Intuit

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Mike Watson, senior sustainability manager at Intuit, discusses a recent CMS implementation with Paul Baier at ClimateBiz. Mike makes five suggestions for a smooth implementation:

  • Decide on your hierarchy and organizational structure before you begin.

NM: How will data roll up? What sorts of reports will be required? What’s difficult here is that the answers to these questions are often unknown to begin with, so careful visioning and concepting needs to take place to determine use scenarios that are realistic and capture an array of situations.

  • Know what are you solving for: reporting emissions, progress against goals, or initiative tracking.

NM: See above. Many companies, when asked this question, will say “all of the above.” But what’s most important, what is the sequence of priority, etc., is ascertainable.

  • Understand who is going to use the tool and what are they going to use it for.

NM: Who will use the CMS, which part, and in what ways? Analogous to workflow software for expense reporting, user categories are needed, with set rules about who gets to do what, how they will be made aware of it,  how they will know when something has been completed, etc.

  • Engage with stakeholders up front.

NM: Design thinking 101 (people support what they helped to bring into being). How will the data port from the old platform to the CMS? Who is the “data guru” and how to gather what they know to inform accurate data migration?

  • Identify the sources of data and who is going to own the entering of the data.

NM: Where does the data originate? What is the current process for data collection? Will the CMS follow the old process (probably not). What is the design for the new process?


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