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News Corp: How it Went Carbon Neutral

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  • Partnered with ICF to determine carbon footprint [more].
  • Footprint calculation is partially estimated (less than 10% of the footprint number).
  • Third party evaluation of computations by Environmental Resources Trust.
  • 2006 Carbon footprint is 641,150 tons of carbon  dioxide (or carbon dioxide equivalents). This is near the median for its GICS sector of consumer discretionary (GICS).
  • Sets carbon reduction strategy: reductions, renewables, and offsets.
  • How strategy affects various business units (e.g., intranet site, rewards and incentives):

From Carbon Disclosure Project for fiscal year ending 2008:

  • Scope 1: 108,931 MTC
  • Scope 2: 528,343 MTC
  • Scope 3 (business air travel): 64,766 MTC

2009 Chooses Hara for carbon management system software. Why the need for new software?

But according to Vijay Sudan, the Manager of Energy Initiatives at News Corp, the company chose Hara because of “the breadth and depth of the Hara solution–which we expect will take us far beyond carbon accounting and help us plan and implement energy reduction strategies while reducing carbon emissions [more]

This suggests that, among other things, CMS enables it to better determine whether internal reduction projects are more cost effective than purchase of offsets.

2010 December Announces that it has become carbon neutral.


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