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EPS Approach to Automating Environmental Data Capture

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Kraft Foods adopted EPS’s xChange Point energy and carbon management system:

Achieving continual reductions in energy use and carbon emissions at our manufacturing facilities is a top strategic priority for Kraft Foods,” global vice president of safety and environmental sustainability Diane Wolf said. “We are pleased with the results that xChange Point has already delivered to our grocery business unit, and by rolling it out to the rest of the unit’s manufacturing facilities, we see it as a key tool to help us reach and exceed our corporate sustainability goals.[more].

On its website, EPS describes its automated meter-based energy use monitoring system, which comprises:

  • facility energy meters already in place or augmented,
  • on-site “collector box” to receive data, encrypt it, and send to EPS data center
  • secure web-site for client access to their data

EPS also states that it combines automated energy data collection with other data needed to compute carbon emissions as well as financial data. Apparently, all scopes are computed, though it’s unclear how difficult it is to get the required data into the system. From their webinar, here’s the claim for “environmental intelligence”, which really is what many companies seek, but how long does it take to get answers to these questions and at what cost?

Finally, credit where credit is due, here’s a slide based on their own empirical data of the impacts of using their system (“our customers gain anywhere from…”). Unclear where the “persistent” claim comes from (how long?).


Author: nigelpm

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