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Sustainability 2.0 (S2.0) Research Papers at HICSS

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Just returned from the HICSS conference, which featured several papers examining how information systems are enabling and transforming environmental sustainability.

Michael Freundlieb and Frank Teuteberg examine online sustainability reporting quality, concluding that current reports focus too much on content and not enough on effective communication modes (graphs, charts, tables, etc.).

This paper contributes to the research on sustainable development in general and on web based sustainability reports in particular by giving an overview of the goals and quality criteria in existing reporting standards and guidelines. Our overview shows that existing standards and guidelines are too focused on the content of the reports and, in view of the stakeholder-focused nature of sustainability reporting, neglect common IS acceptance criteria which have proven to be valid in many other problem domains. In response to these shortcomings, we presented a multi-method framework that directly involves the different stakeholder groups into the definition of quality criteria and the corresponding evaluation. (“Evaluating the Quality of Web Based Sustainability Reports: A Multi-method Framework
Michael Freundlieb and Frank Teuteberg)

Other papers presented at HICSS include:

Web-Based Support of Crop Selection for Climate Adaptation” by Daryl H. Hepting, Timothy Maciag, and Harvey Hill, in which crowd sourcing is suggested as a viable means to collect local knowledge about what works and what doesn’t in the face of changing climate conditions.

Toward Green IS Adoption Behaviors: A Self-Determination Perspective” by Yulia Wati and Chulmo Koo, in which the adoption of green IS (power meter device) is examined.

For a full listing of papers in the sustainability track (“Information Systems and Decision Technologies for Sustainable Development—Co-Chairs: Omar El-Gayar, PingSung Leung, and Arno Scharl) see this link (will be posted soon).


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One thought on “Sustainability 2.0 (S2.0) Research Papers at HICSS

  1. Hi Nigel,

    thank you for adding the abstract of our paper to your blog. Your readers can download the full paper here:

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