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Social Media Platforms for Sustainability Engagement: S=UMC2

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Sustainability leaders need to engage with employees and outside stakeholders across functional silos in order to be effective. Social media can play a role here. What are the unique features of social media that apply to sustainability?

I’ve developed the following mnemonic for my classes:

U: users generate and curate content (example: sustainability articles or stories about successes)

M: interactions are many to many (example: I share something with my followers on Twitter, they retweet)

C: social media platforms are collections of computer apps (sharing, discussion, video, ideas, etc.)

One social media platform featuring UMC2 has been developed by Enablon: Wizness.

Another platform, focusing more on the supply chain space, is 2degrees.

I don’t know whether either of these (or others) might gain traction in the market. But it’s clear that some firms are finding effective ways to apply social media to enhance sustainability performance. Research is needed to pin down some of the underlying mechanisms that facilitate or hinder success.

Author: nigelpm

Associate Professor of Information Systems, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan - Helping organizations to navigate digital transformation.

One thought on “Social Media Platforms for Sustainability Engagement: S=UMC2

  1. Hi Nigel!

    Wizness just published a report update on Social Media and Sustainability Communication! I think it definitely proves how IT can make the world a greener place… !

    You can check it here:

    Have a nice read, and day!


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